November 21, 2008

Press Release: Bumper Sticker Spotting Dot Com

TeachTech Inc. Launches Bumper Sticker Spotting Dot Com Web Site
‘Because the sign spotters were getting all the attention!’

Lafayette, CO November 20, 2008 – TeachTech Inc. announces the launch of a new web site for sharing photos that are fun, interesting, and thought provoking. “Spotting” is finding and sharing things of interest. Spotters like to note, photograph and lay claim to the instances of their interest. The act of spotting, photographing and sharing signs, trains, planes, celebrities and just about every thing of interest has spawned web sites, books, and a lot of laughter and thought around the world for years. Now, brings that interest and fun to our cars’ rear ends.
BumperStickerSpotting is a free service and web site that is presented in a web blog format. The blog format is always in reverse chronological order so that provides for the relevancy of “current” pop philosophy to be the first stickers seen there. This should keep the site current and interesting. It is hosted by the popular blogging service,, from Google. Viewers can send bumper sticker photos or text to to have them included and viewed by everyone. Everyone and anyone is invited to participate.

About TeachTech Inc.
TeachTech Inc. ( ) is a consulting firm founded by Steve Gandy that specializes in school and small office training and support, photography services and interesting web sites.


November 06, 2008

Obama Mama Cocktail

For an election night party we decided to make some Obama Mama cocktails. Not being able to find a good one online, we created our own recipe:

1/2 to 1 oz. white rum
1/2 to 1 oz. dark rum
Juice from 1/4 lime
1 tsp of powdered sugar
Cranberry juice cocktail to strength
1 1/2 oz. Blue Curaçao Liqueur

Combine all except the Curaçao into a shaker filled with ice.
Shake until cold
Pour over ice.
Pour the Curacao on top and watch the "state" of the cocktail change from red to blue to purple!