February 27, 2008

Time Machine's Confusing Message...

When restoring a file with Mac OS X Leopard's very helpful backup application, Time Machine, you can get a really confusing message. It happens when the file you are restoring hasn't been lost but is just different. You have a version in real time and versions stored in the Time Machine. When you restore this file you are present with this dialog box that I (and my clients) find confusing. See the image:

The confusing part is, which one is the original? The answer is that the "current and real time" version is what Time Machine calls the original. I think the language would be more clear if Apple used the word "current" rather than "original."

If you choose the both option, you get current one is renamed with the word "original" in the name and the Time Machine copy is placed into the current, real time folder.

February 14, 2008

Mac Update 10.5.2

This update just came out and seems safe. Please always:

  1. Backup first!
  2. Run Permissions Repair from Disk Utility
  3. Verify your disk with Disk Utility
  4. Unplug peripherals (printers, disks, etc.)
  5. Run the update and be patient
  6. Plug things back in and test critical programs and data carefully one by one.
Also, after the 10.5.2 update another graphics related update will appear. Go ahead and run it too.

Call me if you need help.