March 02, 2006

Mac OS X Security Issues

The recent popularity of Macintosh and other factors have shown that there are some security risks involved with using this computer platform. Windows users have -many- more problems but we should all:

-Keep a virus protection software up to date. Especially if we share Microsoft Office files with colleagues

-Install all the latest security updates and system updates when they appear in our Software Update program. I usually advise waiting a week after they appear. If you don't get a warning from me or other support people about the update, go ahead and let it install.

-There is a setting for users of the Safari web browser that should be set:'
--open Safari preferences - Safari Menu > Preferences
--In the General pane, UN-check "Open 'safe' files after downloading" - Apparently, they are not always "safe"

-Malicious software or Macintosh basically has to ask for your password to proceed. So be wary of the password prompt if you don't know what caused it to appear. It is normal to get the prompt when you are installing software of course.