July 20, 2006

More News Items

Firefox: Many are using the free Mozilla Firefox web browser and for good reasons. It is an excellent choice and has many "enhancements". For Windows users it is an absolute must for security reasons and I'm continually amazed that many haven't heard of it yet. Please help spread the word to your Windows using friends. You can find Firefox at: www.mozilla.com/firefox/
Many of the add-ons like the built-in weather forecasts and other helper programs are available at: addons.mozilla.org/firefox/

McAfee SiteAdvisor: One that is not available directly from Firefox is McAfee SiteAdvisor, this tool gives you a small color coded "heads-up" about whether the web page you are visiting is ranked as a safe location or a malicious one. I'm finding it very helpful. Find it here: www.siteadvisor.com

Toolbars: Google and Yahoo booth offer specialized toolbars that add personal aids like access to mail, auto fill-in, highlighting and other cool features. Google's toolbar: toolbar.google.com Yahoo's toolbar: toolbar.yahoo.com/firefox/

Google HomePage: Speaking of Google. The next time you search there, click the link called Personalized Home. You can set your Google page to display all kinds of helpful and fun items from solitaire games to traffic alerts.

Simple Technology Choices is On-line

Our new site that reviews the easiest to use technology choices is online and almost ready. So far the reviews for cell phones are posted. Digital camera reviews will be next.

This site hosts reviews and recommendations for powerful technology choices like phones, cell phones, cameras, music players, and software that are the easiest and most intuitive for people to use.

Technology should make human interaction more natural and easy with the tools we use but often the opposite is true. So which one should we buy? Simple Technology Choices will bring you the information you need to make the right choice.

Check it out and let me know what you think: www.SimpleTechnologyChoices.com

Laptop Security Tip

Do you travel with your laptop? Even if just to work and back? If so, you know that you are running the risk of it being stolen. That would be bad enough but what if the thief also got all your passwords? For the bank, your email etc. There are a couple of easy settings to make your Mac to require your master password to "un-lock" the other passwords even if it was grabbed off your desk while you were working. They will require you to enter the password a bit more often (after the computer sleeps or restarts) but it might be worth it.

Give me a call if you'd like to secure your computer a bit more securely. We can take care of it in 15 minutes over the phone.