December 07, 2007

iPhone Rant

Okay, I love my iPhone but....just how long is it going to take before Apple updates some basic features?

-Search! Flicking through the address book is cool but a huge waste of time when you have dozens of names that start with the same letter.

-Notes! Come on, the new Mail on my Mac with Leopard includes the notes. The notes are obviously programmed with the same code. Just do it already.

-Mail Rotation! Come on if Safari can rotate to horizontal why can't the other apps.

-Safari Homepage! Where is it? Every browser on earth has a homepage setting, where is this one?

-Oh, and what about rotating the on-screen keyboard in Mail and Text Messages. You can do it Safari for web addresses but not when you are typing messages? What the f^(#?

These are software updates and way past due now!