January 26, 2011

Canvastic News

Canvastic is listed on the new Mac App Store that is available to all Mac users running Mac OS X 10.6.6. Check it out.

New installers are available for Mac and Windows at the website:

Mac: http://www.canvastic.com/support/download/files/canosx36i.dmg
Windows: http://www.canvastic.com/support/download/files/canwin35i.zip

The latest Canvastic version is still a free upgrade for all paid users.

December 28, 2010

An interesting story from the Apple Store

A friend and tech. support client recently purchased a new iPod Touch. She went home and was quickly disappointed when her black MacBook running 10.4.11 couldn't communicate with it. The new iPod needs the new Mac OS of course! She asked me about it and I lamented that this is a common occurrence for Apple users. The latest and greatest requires the latest and greatest... And so, I got ready to upgrade her RAM and install Snow Leopard. While she was at the Apple Store buying her system software for the upgrade she mentioned her surprise and disappointment that her iPod wouldn't work with her Mac to the clerk. No one at the store had even asked her about her computer when she purchased the iPod. She felt a bit victimized. I don't blame her. The new clerk consulted with the manager and they are updating her system to Snow Leopard at no cost. We upgraded her memory in a pretty affordable fashion. Happy ending, but why?

I find this interesting. Is the typical Apple "force-a-sale" strategy starting to backfire with upset customers? Are the Apple stores trying to upgrade anyone/everyone in anticipation of the upcoming Mac App Store opening soon? Just a sympathetic manager?

November 11, 2010

Shoot Color and Develop Your Eye for Black and White

It is a given that shooting RAW files and converting to grayscale is the way to have your black and white photography come out the best. There are lots of tutorials, lessons, and software to help with that. I'm currently pretty excited about the results I'm seeing from Nik Software's Silver Efex Pro. I have heard and read plenty about it but only recently gave it a try. I'll be buying it.

But my post is about developing your eye. When I'm shooting, color is all around me. I see the color but have a hard time "picturing" the grayscale image sometimes. If I set the camera to capture grayscale jpeg's I get to see the image in black and white and it helps me develop my eye but I don't get all the RAW data I want later during post processing. 

So, my solution is to set the camera to capture RAW and JPEGs. Then I set the JPEGs to be captured in grayscale. The best of both worlds! I can edit the RAW later but develop my eye in the field. I'm having a lot of fun with it.

October 23, 2010

About Nature Photography Guides

New Web site just launched: http://naturephotographyguides.com

Find a companion photographer to Guide you or become one yourself...

Are you tired of photography workshops? You probably don't need them anymore and they are expensive. You are an accomplished nature photographer already (or on your way!). Wouldn't it be great to know a local Guide that would take you to great shooting locations when you visit a new area of the world? Someone that shoots like you do. Someone that shoots the same camera brand that you do. Someone you have come to know via email, chat and phone calls before the shoot. Someone that can really help you get the shots you want to get in the time that you have to get them.
All of that, is what Nature Photography Guides is all about. Started by photographers that don't want to pay for instruction when it isn't needed but need guidance in new exciting locations. Guides, companions, fixers, local talent, fellow photographers, drivers ... whatever you want to call them, that's what we have here. Here's how it works.

August 02, 2010

Safe Updating on Mac OS

Before running any software updates...wait a fews days to a week. If there are any problems with the updates you will hear from me if you are one of my clients.

Then when you are sure there are no problems follow the directions below. Updates do best on a “quiet system” ... no applications running, nothing printing etc.

1. Restart
2. Run Applications/Utilities/Disk Utility - select the disk on the left, Click Repair Permissions
3. If there are issues, call Steve, if not continue
4. Applications/Utilities/Disk Utility - select the disk on the left, Click Verify
5. If there are issues, call Steve, if not continue
6. Do the software update or installation or whatever