August 22, 2007

TeachTech Newsletter

TeachTech is going on vacation. Linda and I will be gone/or out of touch from September 8 - 25 on holiday to the Greek Isles. In an emergency call Mike McDaniel at Mac Assist at 303-245-0045.

Backing Up Your Stuff
Have you thought about your backup strategy lately? Many of my clients have begun to take a serious look at this issue since they have so many important files on their computer. It really is not that smart to ignore it anymore. Every computer hard drive will die at some point in time. If you are not prepared for it to happen right now, then you are ignoring the reality. Recovering the data after the fact can be either impossible, horribly expensive, or just a slight inconvenience. Which would you rather have happen to you?

I'll be glad to help you set up a system that that is relatively easy to maintain and fits your needs if you wish. At the very least, buy a flash drive and drag your important files to it occasionally!

I believe many are interested in Apple's iPhone and I can recommend it. I have clients that have bought it and are happy. There are some obvious missing features, but many will be remedied in software updates. I can offer support for them and will be switching to it myself in October.

Digital Photography Class
I am continuing to offer this popular class but it has become increasingly difficult to schedule it. So, I'm going to offer it as personal tutoring sessions with steep discounts. The photography section and the photo editing/archiving section can each be broken up into a 2-3 hour segment for $100 each. If you can schedule a pair or a larger group then the discount can grow per person. Details of the class are on my photography pages. If you'd like to schedule a photo shoot together that is possible as well. Local shoots are fine but I'm planning trips to southern Utah and Bosque del Apache in NM next year if you'd be interested.

Bryce Canyon, Utah

TeachTech Website
The site has a bit of a new look. Check it out. The news link takes you to this newsletter/blog.

Canvastic is the new graphics and text publishing software for students and teachers in K-8. It features a clear on-screen display making it easy to use for everyone. It can be customized for users of different ages. It really grows with the user. Canvastic is a real tool for school, not a toy. There are no time wasting features or excessive options. You can download a demonstration copy at